BSA B26 (1937)

The BSA B26 motorcycle was produced in 1937 and is one of the rarest models of BSA motorcycles. It was introduced as a touring model and was fitted with a 496cc engine. The bike was known for its exceptional performance and handling, thanks to the efficient engine and sturdy frame. The BSA B26 was fitted with a seven-inch brake and a four-speed gearbox, making it a reliable and safe bike for riders.

One of the unique features of the BSA B26 was the front-fork suspension, which had a spring on one side and an oil-damped shock absorber on the other. The suspension offered a comfortable ride, even on rough roads. The bike was also fitted with a 3-gallon fuel tank, which was sufficient for long-distance rides.

The BSA B26 became a popular touring model among riders who wanted a reliable bike that could handle long journeys. It is estimated that only a few hundred models were produced, making it a rare and sought-after model among collectors. The BSA B26 motorcycle is considered to be one of the best touring models of the pre-war era due to its performance, handling, and reliability.

Overall, the BSA B26 motorcycle was a well-designed and practical bike that offered a comfortable ride, good handling, and excellent performance. It is a testament to the quality and innovation of BSA motorcycles during the pre-war era. Today, the BSA B26 remains a popular vintage model, sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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