BSA B25 (1968-70)

The BSA B25 motorcycle was introduced in 1968 as a smaller version of the popular BSA B44. It featured a 250cc engine, chrome-plated gas tank, and a polished aluminum fender.

The BSA B25 was marketed towards riders who desired a lightweight and nimble motorcycle that was still capable of handling rough terrain. It was used for both on and off-road racing, and was known for its reliability and durability.

The BSA B25 went through several changes between 1968 and 1970. The early models featured an Amal Concentric carburetor, while later models had a Dell’Orto carburetor. The front forks were also upgraded from telescopic to leading link, and the brakes were changed from drum to disc.

Despite its popularity, the BSA B25 was eventually replaced by the BSA B50 in 1971. Today, it remains a popular choice among classic motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts.

Overall, the BSA B25 was a significant motorcycle in BSA’s history, offering a smaller and more versatile alternative to the larger B44. Its ruggedness and agility made it a popular choice for riders in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and it has remained a beloved classic motorcycle over the years.

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