BMW R90/6 (1973-76)

The BMW R90/6 is a classic motorcycle that was manufactured by BMW from 1973 to 1976. This model was part of the /6 series, which featured a new, more powerful engine and improved handling compared to previous models.

The R90/6 had a 898cc, four-stroke, air-cooled engine that produced 60 horsepower and had a top speed of around 115 miles per hour. It also featured a five-speed transmission, front and rear disc brakes, and a dual-diameter fork suspension system.

One of the standout features of the R90/6 was its iconic design, which featured a large, round headlight and a distinctive fuel tank with knee pads. The bike also had an adjustable seat and handlebars, making it comfortable for riders of different sizes.

Despite its age, the R90/6 remains a popular choice among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors. Its classic styling and reliable performance make it a bike worth holding onto for generations.

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