BMW R80/7 (1980-84)

The BMW R80/7 motorcycle was produced between 1980 and 1984. Its engine had a displacement of 797cc and it had a unique front fork design that made it stand out from other bikes of the time. The R80/7 was considered a touring bike and was popular among riders who wanted a comfortable and reliable bike for long journeys.

Despite its popularity, the R80/7 was not without its flaws. The bike was known for having a stiff rear suspension, which could make for an uncomfortable ride over rough roads. Additionally, the bike’s handling and braking abilities were not as advanced as other bikes of the time.

In spite of these drawbacks, the R80/7 was a well-regarded motorcycle that remained in production for several years. Its durability and ease of maintenance made it a favorite among riders who wanted a bike that could handle long distances and challenging road conditions.

Since its production, the R80/7 has become a popular model among collectors and enthusiasts. Many are still on the road today and continue to be appreciated for their classic styling and reliable performance. For those looking for a classic touring bike with a unique design and a strong reputation, the BMW R80/7 remains a top choice.

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