BMW R71 (1938-41)

The BMW R71 motorcycle was first produced in 1938 and was used by the German military during World War II. It was designed as a sturdy and reliable machine with a sidecar for transporting troops and supplies. With a 750cc engine, it could reach speeds of up to 70 mph and had a range of almost 200 miles on a single tank of fuel.

One of the key features of the R71 was its shaft drive system, which eliminated the need for a chain and greatly reduced maintenance requirements. The bike also had a telescopic fork suspension and hydraulic brakes, which were advanced technologies for the time.

During the war, the R71 was used on both the Eastern and Western fronts and was highly regarded for its durability and reliability. Many were captured by the Allies after the war and used by various military and police forces.

After the war, the R71 design was used as the basis for the Russian Ural and Dnepr motorcycles, which are still produced today. However, BMW stopped producing the R71 in 1941, as the company shifted its focus to the production of military aircraft engines.

Today, the BMW R71 is a highly sought-after classic motorcycle among collectors and enthusiasts. Its unique place in history as a military vehicle and its advanced technological features make it a special piece of engineering and design.

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