BMW R52 (1928-29)

The BMW R52 motorcycle was first introduced in 1928 and was produced until 1929. It was a strong and powerful motorcycle that was designed to be ridden on rough terrain. The R52 had a 486cc engine that produced a maximum power of 12 horsepower. This engine allowed the R52 to reach speeds of up to 85 km/hr.

One of the unique features of the R52 was its drivetrain, which consisted of a shaft drive instead of a chain. This made it easier to maintain and reduced the likelihood of the drivetrain breaking, which was a common problem with motorcycles at the time.

Another notable feature of the R52 was its suspension system. It had a leading-link front suspension, which made it easier to maneuver the bike in tight turns. The rear suspension was a rigid frame with a small spring for added comfort.

The R52 was also designed with safety in mind. It had a mechanical brake on the front wheel, which was more reliable than the typical drum brakes of the time. The R52 also had a well-designed fuel system, with a large tank and a reserve tank that could be switched on the fly. This made it a great bike for long-distance touring.

Today, the BMW R52 is considered a classic motorcycle and is highly sought after by collectors. Its combination of power, reliability, and unique features make it a standout in the history of motorcycle design.

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