BMW R100S (1979-80)

The BMW R100S (1979-80) motorcycle is considered a classic due to its unique appearance and impressive performance. It features a 980cc, horizontally opposed twin-cylinder engine with air-cooling, capable of producing up to 70 horsepower. The bike also has a four-speed gearbox and shaft drive, making it easier to handle compared to other models that use a chain.

One of the stand-out design features of the R100S is its cockpit fairing, which provides wind protection for the rider and adds to the bike’s distinctive appearance. Additionally, the bike has a dual-disc brake system that provides ample stopping power, making it a safe and reliable machine for riders.

Riders who have owned or ridden the R100S often praise its comfortable ride, even during long journeys. The bike’s suspension system features a telescopic front fork and twin rear shock absorbers, which work together to provide a smooth ride. The frame and bodywork of the bike are also durable and well-made, adding to the overall quality of the R100S.

In terms of performance, the R100S can reach a top speed of around 113 miles per hour, which is impressive for a bike of its age. It also has a high level of torque, allowing riders to quickly accelerate and maneuver through traffic.

Overall, the BMW R100S (1979-80) is a well-regarded motorcycle that combines classic design with modern features. It is known for its reliable performance, comfortable ride, and unique appearance, making it a popular choice for motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors.

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